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13.        GAVARRONE, DOMENICO  1858      

Anchored in the bay of Vignola the "N.S. del Monte Allegro" is surprised by a thunderstorm  

Watercolor on paper, cm 37,5x48               (inv.Costa n. 30)

Signed: Domenico Gavarrone Genova li 4 settembre 1858

Known data:

   TYPE:               brig
  CAPTAIN:        Bartolomeo Rossi


    "Storm suffered by the Brig N.S. del Monte Allegro, Capt. Bartolomeo Rossi; in the bay of Vignola the 25th May 1858 where it was anchored with various other ships, a portion of which sunk suffering the total loss of the crew, but that for intercession of Our Lady of Boschetto ship and crew was miraculously saved."


A tower is traced on the background to indicate the vicinity of the coast, emergent element and characterizing the place that could have been indicated by the painting requirer. 

Always almost identical the rigid Madonna with red garment and blue mantle, often repeated in the pictures of Gavarrone, independently of the Sanctuary which the work will be dedicated, in such a way to become nearly a "mark" to identify the author's works. 

Repeating the same characteristic is such to induce to think that in various occasions, as the one considered in the following painting (inv. Costa n. 31) come from precise and explicit demands of the requirer.