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14.        GAVARRONE, DOMENICO 1859      

The bombard "N.S. delle Grazie" catch by a lightning in the bay of Talamone

Watercolor on paper, cm 41x53                 (inv. Costa n. 31)

Signed: Domenico Gavarrone Genova il 29 Febbraio 1859

Known data:

   TYPE:                 bombard
   CAPTAIN:         Prospero Pastorino


     "Storm suffered by the Bombard N.S. delle Grazie in the bay of Talamone the 29th 8ber 1858 approximately at mid night, in which exploding a Lightning it hit the same one in the mainmast, and for interception of Our Lady of Boschetto, as well as the Capt.n Prospero Pastorino and the crew nothing had to deplore"


If in the painting offered by Prospero Malatesta (table 11, inv. Costa n. 25) the lightning from which he miraculously has been saved is represented with evidence by the Gavarrone, in this occasion the thunderbolt hitting the mainmast has little evidence in the complex of the painting and it's not percepibile with equal immediacy. 

Eventual uncertain interpretation is however obviated with the precise caption describing the fact: the caption must always be considered, in this kind of paintings, as an integrating part of the artist's work. 

The knowledge that the painting will be exposed in a place frequently attended by seamen, beyond to the professional habit to a specialized language, determines in these descriptions the appeal to technical terms, indications of latitude and longitude and typical meteorological definitions not always comprehensible for the strangers to it. 

Meticulous, in this painting of Gavarrone, the indication of the Madonna thanks to which the salvation has been obtained: here She's painted with the shepherd to whom She appeared, with a of cow and sheep next, therefore the only apparition of the Madonna of Boschetto recalled by this painter.